unstable (2008)
choreography and Light: Hanna Sybille Müller & Florian Bach
dance: Hanna Sybille Müller
The performance deals with a movement alphabet that was created by the thoughts to in/stability, displacement and inversion. The symmetrical body is questioned. The state unstable is not found in loosing the balance, but in the arrangement and in the rhythm of the alphabet and the light.
[...] cooking pot; step across the border; obstacle; wave; three climbing plants; shoulder melodrama; wobbly knees; bridge; shoulder melodrama; shoulders; three climbing plants; obstacle; step across the border, freedom, obstacle, shoulder melodrama, wobbly knees, three climbing plants, forgotten left foot, wobbly knees, compressed air, wobbly knees, wave, bridge, cooking pot, obstacle, shoulders, knees, feet, three climbing plants, obstacle, cooking pot, bridge, cooking pot, step across the border, obstacle, wave, three climbing plants, shoulder melodrama, shaky knees, bridge, shoulder melodrama, shoulders, three climbing plants, obstacle, step across the border [...]
Excerpt from the score

Thanks to: Colette Sadler, Boris Edelstein, Natalia Torales, Isabelle Schad, Bruno Pocheron, deufert&plischke, Marcello Silvio Busato, Milos Vujkovic and the Tanztage-Team.
Venue: Sophiensaele, Berlin (DE)
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