Von Menschen Gemacht / Made by Humans (2010)
a film about the future

idea, concept and editing: Eva Meyer-Keller & Hanna Sybille Müller

The material of the film Von Menschen Gemacht was taken during the performance project „Building After Catastrophes“ 2009 in Berlin. The children that participated did everything themselves, they filmed, they did the lights, they build the models and they talked about their future. The left screen shows the footage that the children produced live during the performance.

Eva Meyer-Keller and Hanna Sybille Müller pursue an intuitive research in catastrophes together with seven children. They are building models of earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, avalanches, and explosions, as well as catastrophes caused by climate change such as floods, droughts, wild fires and tornadoes.
Performer: Gil, Emma, Zebra, Leo, Timon, Gideon and Lea
Camera 1: the children
Camera 2: Sophie Watzlawick
Sound: Jeff McGrory
Translation: Sophia New
Entropia - Szenarien der Energie, Radialsystem, Berlin, (DE), Stamsund International Theater Festival, Lofoten, (NO),Make active choices, Kunst und Ökologie im Museum, Museum für neue Kunst, Freiburg (DE), Fierce festival, Birmingham, (UK), Skogen, Göteborgs Konsthall, (SE)

"I would simply buy myself a big weather balloon,
that could change the weather and so on.
I would simply destroy the whole world.
There would be tsunamis, tornados and other catastrophes everywhere.
It would all come at once.
Then there'd be a big fat meteorite
and destroys the whole world.

The humans are already on the moon.
The camera is somehow in space.
Like a satellite.
And then there'd be lots more small meteorites.
From every direction.
And it goes BOOM.
A new big bang.
And everything explodes into the air."
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